PITESA who we are

Don Teodoro Casado, founder and main shareholder of PITESA, began his career in the animal feed sector in the early 60s, which was when he built his first compound feed factory, PIENSOS TECA, in Zamarramala (Segovia).

In the year 1.975 finished building its second plant, in Trujillo (Cáceres), another factory of compound feed for animal feed, specialized mainly in ruminants, although over the years it also specialized in other species (Iberian pigs, poultry … etc).

Due to his extensive experience in the ruminant feeding sector, he knew the lack of DIGESTIBLE FIBER in the market, necessary for animal feed, especially for ruminants, but also for monogastrics, and in 1.986 the PITESA project began, in Tordesillas (Valladolid).

In PITESA, several granulation tests were carried out with different forages and additives, and after carrying out several analytical tests, and seeing the behavior in the intake of the animals, it was found that cereal straw (barley and wheat), hydrolyzed with NaOH, was the product that provided a more digestible FIBRAN for the animals, as evidenced by the main veterinary studies on animal feed.

Currently PITESA, has a production capacity of 220 tons per day, but we continue to grow and try to improve.

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OUR MAIN lines of activity

Manufacture of absorbent and sanitized vegetable bed for farm animals.
Granulation of hydrolyzed straw for animal feed.
Processed and granulated straw for use as compost, hydroseeding and gardening.
Corn dryer, with a drying capacity of 600 tons per day.
Cereals sales

industry leaders 30 years of experience

After 30 years of activity we have grown and strengthened our position to become a reference company in the sector. Our area of action covers both the national and international markets. And always keeping in mind the local level.

Our main objective is to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers through a personalized treatment and an offer of high quality products and services. We are certain that without the support of our customers and without the daily effort of the human team that makes up this company, we would not have reached the leadership position in which we find ourselves today and of which we are so proud.


PITESA is a company dedicated to the manufacture of hydrolyzed straw, corn drying, selection and marketing of cereals and distribution of corn seeds. The Management of PITESA focuses on the Quality Management System as a way to organize its business life, basing it on basic pillars such as the quality of its service, the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and customer satisfaction.

For this reason, the Management declares the Quality Management System as a strategic and priority objective, finding its foundations and commitments.

QUALITY is an aspect in the desire to remain in a competitive position within the market.


QUALITY is oriented towards the satisfaction of our interested parties (customers, staff, suppliers, etc.) through the commitment of the entire organization to comply with the needs and requirements set by them, as well as with the legal and regulatory requirements, being the responsibility of ALL the members of the company, starting with the management itself.


QUALITY is based on a plan of continuous improvement both in the execution of the service and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, in which PREVENTING errors is a fundamental aspect.


QUALITY directs us to pay the utmost attention to technological evolution and possible improvements that new technologies put at our fingertips.


QUALITY requires the participation and collaboration of ALL, so it is essential to take into account motivation, training and communication.

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