Experts in Agricultural Product Processing

Specialized in the granulation of cereal straw.

Animal welfare dry beD

Dry Bed is a market-leading product that offers an absorbent and sanitized vegetable bed for animals.

It has a high liquid absorption capacity to improve hygiene, welfare and animal health.


animal feed fibran y granfi

Granulation of hydrolyzed straw for animal feed.

hydroseeding pagran

Processed and granulated straw for use as compost, hydroseeding and gardening.

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Corn dryer

We are pioneers in the installation of corn dryers. We have large facilities with a drying capacity of 600 tons per day. Our facilities are always equipped with the latest technology. We update and renew our equipment to offer a quality service that guarantees the conservation and storage of the product in optimal conditions.

Cereals sales

Wholesale purchase/sale of cereals.

Marketing of certified seed.

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